Sister Of Legendary Idol Shares Shocking Account Of Abuse That Led Her To Flee Korea In Fear Of Life

“He started bothering me to the point I wanted to disappear…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

The sister of first-generation idol and g.o.d member Son Ho Young revealed why she had to flee Korea.

Son Ho Young |

Recently, Son Jung Min, an actress and the sister of Son Ho Young, appeared on a YouTube channel.

Son Jung Min |

In the video, Son Jung Min revealed that she had once been approached by an investor who took a romantic interest in her.

After working for over a decade, auditions started trickling in after getting to know people. There was a Chinese man who was an investor that hit on me.

I wasn’t a top star like my brother, so I wasn’t given main character roles. Because of this, I was introduced to the Chinese investor as a small celebrity. The Chinese man then told me he would make me into a big actor.

— Son Jung Min

The actress then alleged that once she rejected him, the investor became aggressive and even allegedly choked her until she became unconscious. Fearing the investor could buy off the police, Son Jung Min stated she eventually decided to run away to the United States.

I never thought about meeting a man to change my life. Because I didn’t pay him any attention, he started bothering me to the point I wanted to disappear. He threatened to hurt my family and choked me until I became unconscious.

— Son Jung Min

Son Jung Min then revealed that it wasn’t until her father’s 70th birthday that she returned to Korea and stated that she wanted to continue acting.

I came back to Korea to attend my father’s 70th birthday because family members kept nagging me. Once I returned, I realized I was fine. Even though three years have passed, I still get asked to attend events. I am so thankful and feel like everything I’m safe now.

After going through a hard time, my acting range has gotten wider, and I hope people view me as someone more colorful. I’ve become more confident in my acting.

— Son Jung Min

Meanwhile, Son Jung Min first debuted in 2003 when she appeared in the legendary K-Drama, All In. The actress would go on to appear in successful K-Dramas, Iris, and Two Outs In The Ninth Inning. You can watch her full interview below.

Source: wikitree
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