Son Naeun Reveals How Idols Secretly Ask Each Other Out On Dates

Son Naeun revealed the new way how idols each other out on dates without anyone knowing!

Apink‘s Son Naeun guest starred on Radio Star where she talked about how idols secretly ask each other out these days. From her experience back in the day, idols used to send each other little notes.

“Back in the day, people would secretly give letters back and forth.”

— Son Naeun


But she found out that the new way to ask each other out is through direct messaging on Instagram!

“I recently found out that people ask each other out by DMing each other on Instagram.”

— Son Naeun


Curious, she checked her own DM to see if anyone sent her any love messages but found no such thing to her dismay…

“So I checked if I had any DMs… but I had none.”

— Son Naeun


Despite her goddess like beauty, Son Naeun revealed that she actually doesn’t get a lot of people asking her out. She blames it on the fact that she had to reject a lot of people because of the dating ban her agency set in the beginning of her career.

“It’s also because of my personality, but I used to turn down others asking me out because of the rule at my agency that banned dating during our debut era. I would reject them in a polite, mannered way.”

— Son Naeun


But now that she’s revealed that she’s open to dating, she can probably expect a flood of DMs in her Instagram from her many admirers!

Source: Sports Seoul