Son Naeun Wins Over The Audience With Her Acting In The Latest Episode Of “Agency” — Netizens Heap Praise On The Actress

“What are they talking about? Son Naeun acts so well.

Son Naeun won audiences over with her performance on the latest episode of Agency.

Son Naeun | @marcellasne_/Instagram

Son Naeun, who previously was criticized for her acting, flipped the script when in the latest episode of Agency, she delivered a great acting performance that had audiences praising her.

On the February 12 episode of JTBC‘s Agency, Son Naeun’s character, Kang Han Na, exploded in anger after seeing Park Young Woo, played by Han Joon Woo, being mistreated.

In the episode, Kang Han Na goes on a blind date with Lee Dong Hwa, who is an heir to the Seok San Group. Prior to the date, however, Kang Han Na’s older brother asks Lee Dong Hwa to “crush” Park Young Woo for becoming “big-headed” due to the fact he went to school with Han Na.

I’m thinking of sending Han Na’s secretary with her. He’s become big-headed due to the fact he went to the same school as her, so crush him for me.

— Cho Bok Rae

During the date, Park Young Woo calls over Han Na’s secretary and instructs him to pour him wine.

Park Young Woo does as he is instructed to before stopping before the wine overflowed. At this, Kang Han Na’s date yells at Park Young Woo for stopping before he is instructed to and throws his wine at him.

At this, Son Naeun’s character glares at her date before throwing her wine at his face. Kang Han Na then yells, “You rude bastard, where do you think this is?”

Netizens praised Son Naeun for this scene. Son Naeun, who previously were criticized for her acting, received a totally different reaction from fans. Many fans came to the actress’s defense and celebrated her acting.

  • “There are a lot of people around me who like Son Naeun’s acting. She plays the bratty character to a tee.”
  • “What are they talking about? LOL. Son Naeun acts well. The drama is fun.”
  • “Son Naeun fits her character so well that I don’t know if she’s acting or if that’s really her.”
  • “Son Naeun acts well. I think the journalists are anti-fans.”
  • “Her acting is fine to me. The drama is so much fun!”
  • “Her acting seems fine to me, — —.”
  • “Son Naeun is cute and acts so well. Why are the articles criticizing her?”
  • “Son Naeun’s acting is refreshing as a soda pop.”

What are your thoughts? Check out the scene below and be the judge for yourself.


Source: wikitree and naver tv