Actress Son Tae Young Under Fire For Providing Special Treatment At MMA

Her acquaintances were seated at the area designated for singers and more.

Actress Son Tae Young has been under fire for providing special treatment to her son and niece at the 2018 Melon Music Awards (MMA).


At the event, fans thought it strange when two children were spotted at the seating area designated for singers. It was later revealed that they were Son Tae Young’s son and niece (who fans claim to be pianist Yiruma‘s daughter). Fans were furious at Son Tae Young for seating her acquaintances at a seat that singers worked very hard for (According to fans, numerous rookie idols were not even given a spot at this designated area).


Moreover, fans became even more upset after a woman, who fans suspected was the one responsible for the children, had given the blanket she was using to a member of BLACKPINK (According to fans, the BLACKPINK members did not have enough blankets for themselves).


In response to the controversy, Son Tae Young’s agency released a statement explaining the situation:

“The child wanted to see his mother receive the award and so a staff member showed him to the seat. They didn’t know the seats were designated for singers. He went in before [Son Tae Young received the award] and left right after she seeing her receive the award..”

ㅡ Son Tae Young’s agency


They also explained that the woman who gave the blanket to a BLACKPINK member was not the guardian of the two children but the staff member of the event who led the children to the seat. According to the agency, the BLACKPINK member had lost the blanket and asked for help in finding it.


The agency concluded by apologizing for creating the controversy:

” Although it was a short moment, we are sorry towards the singers and fans.”

ㅡ Son Tae Young’s agency


Despite the official explanation, fans have continued to criticize the actress, claiming that the explanation was not entirely true.

“They say it’s Son Tae Young’s son and niece but
they sat before her award ceremony and left after, you say?
Then who were those children sitting there throughout BTS’ performance
and who are all those witnesses?^^”

“The reaction video clearly showed them sitting at the designated area for singers during the ending performance and people say they weren’t even there during Son Tae Young’s award ceremony^^. Please stop lying. Do you know how many people are watching the MMA? Lol.”


Fans were upset about the fact that the actress’s family members were seated at the designated area for singers when even the rookie singers were not able to sit in the area.

“Lol. Even Samuel, who performed yesterday, wasn’t able to sit in that area and Haeun, who danced her heart out to receive a dance award for 2 consecutive years, apparently had to be on standby at the bottom. Son Tae Young is really a crazy b*tch.”

“I’m saying this not because I am envious. Son Tae Young was invited to the award ceremony as a recipient of an award. She was not invited to show her son and niece (pianist Yiruma’s daughter) around and help them take photos backstage. I don’t understand why she’s bringing these children into her work. Some people work their butts off to sit at those seats.”

Source: My Daily