Son Tae Young still young and beautiful at an event for pregnant women

Son Tae Young, actress and wife of Kwon Sang Woo, showed off her stylish look at an event where pregnant mothers came together.

On December 5th, Son Tae Young appeared at Hyundai Mall in Samsungdong for beauty brand Biotherm‘s “Pre-Mother/Pregnant Mother” class. Around 60 pregnant women came in the day to attend Son Tae Young’s speech for the class. The actress gave her personal advice on how to maintain youthful skin and body during and after pregnancy as well.

As Son Tae Young herself is into her last month of pregnancy as well, her forever young beauty, toned figure, and fashionable style were hard to believe. The actress was wearing a sexy leopard print long coat and black boots. She showed off her natural and flawless skin accentuated by elegant makeup.

Son Tae Young married Kwon Sang Woo on August of 2008 and gave birth to a son in February of 2009, and this will be their second child in 5 years!

Source: Style M