Actress Son Ye Jin Clicks “Like” On Several Fans’ Instagram Post Of Actor And Boyfriend Hyun Bin—It’s Too Cute

They are such a cute couple 🥰

It was back on New Year’s Eve of last year that the stars of the hit drama Crash Landing On You Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin relationship was confirmed and fans were ecstatic over the good news. Despite going public with their relationship, the two have only made a few appearances together since the news. Though they might not show their cute relationship in public often, fans have recently noticed Son Ye Jin adorably liked several Instagram posts related to Hyun Bin and it’s too cute!

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On March 10th, fans spotted a lovely trail of likes Son Ye Jin left on Instagram posts that were related to Hyun Bin.

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Much of the posts Son Ye Jin liked centered around the supportiveness of the two’s lovely relationship. Once the word got around that Son Ye Jin was liking fan’s posts, many fans started to create memes that asked Son Ye Jin to like their posts as well. The memes asked things such as “Yejin, please click Like my post” or “Would you like me to like my post?” As the kind person she is, Son Ye Jin of course clicked ‘Like’ to the memes as well!

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Fans were thrilled to see that Seo Ye Jin personally clicked ‘Like’ on several posts and complimented the sweet actress. One user commented, “You’re so cute that you click ‘like’ on the fans’ posts too.” 

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While Hyun Bin does not have an Instagram, Son Ye Jin opened hers back in 2015 and has clearly communicated well with her fans through the social media outlet. The star’s account pulled in a lot of attention after her adorable post that mentioned her and Hyun Bin’s relationship. The post was Son Ye Jin’s first post since the confirmation of the two’s relationship.

The new year has arrived.

Why am I this embarrassed that the first [update] from me is about my personal situation and not my work…

Hm… um… umm..

Yes, it happened that way.. ^.^


Um… ^^;;

I don’t know what to say, but I feel like I have to say something to you guys.. It’s very awkward and weird to me ^^

I’m thankful for meeting a good person and I will try to work on it well…

I always keep the love and support you all send me in my heart. I hope more good things happen to you all in the new year. Please stay healthy.

— Son Ye Jin

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From Son Ye Jin’s recent activity on Instagram, it appears the two are doing well!