Actress Son Ye Jin’s Past Dream For Her “Future Boyfriend” May Have Just Come True With Husband Hyun Bin

Here’s what happened.

Actress Son Ye Jin affectionately expressed support for her husband, fellow actor Hyun Bin, in a recent public post.

Hyun Bin (left) and Son Ye Jin (right)

On October 2, the Crash Landing On You female lead proudly shared a picture of a ticket she had purchased to see the action-comedy movie Confidential Assignment 2 International, which stars Hyun Bin.

The details written on the ticket show that she had watched a late-night movie at 9:40 pm on Sunday.

| @yejinhand/Instagram

But that’s not all! She had reserved two seats, leading fans to believe that she may have enjoyed the film with her husband beside her.

The possibility that the two had gone on a movie date together led fans to remember something she had shared in a past interview. When asked about her ideal date, she had revealed that she simply wants to hold hands with her boyfriend, watch movies, and walk around together.

| @yejinhand/Instagram

And much to everyone’s excitement, it appears that everything she had hoped and dreamed for has finally come true!

Ever since the couple got married early this year, they have been the envy of many people. Son Ye Jin’s show of support in multiple ways—including preparing warm meals for Hyun Bin after work—has caused many to cheer for their relationship.

True love clearly exists between these two!

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Source: Naver
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