SONAMOO’s First Appearance Since Filing Lawsuit Is Through “Legendary” MV

SONAMOO has made their first appearance since the filling of the lawsuit.

SONAMOO has released a music video to celebrate the launch of the mobile game, “Legendary: Game of Heroes.”

With Sumin and Nahyun currently filing a lawsuit with TS Entertainment, only four members of the group are seen in the music video.

The video shows off the group’s vocals and dance moves, reminding everyone just how talented of a group they are.

Fans were emotional with this video release as they have been waiting so long for a comeback.

“I don’t care if this isn’t technically a comeback. I’ll take whatever these babes are producing.”

“I feel so sorry for them. They have so much potential but their company ruins them.”

“Finally some content from our queens!”

This music video release is their first appearance since the filing of the lawsuit and the group’s first song in almost 2 years. Their last release was in 2017 for their song, “I knew It.”

SONAMOO debuted in 2014 with their song, “Déjà Vu,” which hit number one on the Gaon’s Weekly Album Chart.

Source: spotv