SONAMOO ranks #1 on Gaon Charts over EXO and SHINee

For the final week of December, rookie girl group SONAMOO took first place in album sales on Gaon Charts over EXO and SHINee.

According to data collected by Gaon Charts from December 28th to January 3rd, SONAMOO’s Deja Vu was ranked first in album sales with EXO’s EXOLOGY CHAPTER 1: THE LOST PLANET at second place and SHINee’s SHINee The 3rd Concert: SHINee WORLD III In Seoul at third.

This ranking was achieved a week after their showcase on December 29th, a week from their official debut.

TS Entertainment stated “We feel that the girls’ skills that they have honed over the four years of training stole the hearts of fans. SONAMOO will show fans fresh and lively music with their talents and skills so please keep an eye out for the girls and show them much love and attention.”


Source: TS Entertainment