Fan Tells SONAMOO Minjae To Quit Smoking, Here’s How She Reacted

SONAMOO‘s Minjae shut down a male fan who told her to quit smoking at a recent fan signing event, and fans are swooning over her straight-forwardness.

On February 19, SONAMOO held a fan signing event in Gwangju, where they also performed for their fans in attendance at the event.

Right after their performance, Minjae was out of breath after having just performed while singing and dancing simultaneously. She also breathed heavily and sighed while saying, “I’m so tired, it’s so tiring!

A male fan in the crowd then told her to quit smoking, and the camera also caught Nahyun looking at Minjae with a surprised and confused expression on her face. However, Minjae corrected the fan confidently by telling him that she couldn’t even stand the smell of cigarettes and that she didn’t appreciate his joke.

Here’s a translation of their conversation below:

Minjae: *Sigh* I’m so tired!
Fan: You should quit smoking~
Minjae: Sorry? What did you say?
Fan: I said you should quit smoking~
Minjae: What are you talking about? I can’t even stand the smell of it! I don’t like those kinds of jokes. I reject it.
Fan: I’m sorry.
Minjae: Ok. Don’t say that again.

Fans praised Minjae for being stern while at the same time not sounding too hostile to the fan’s jest. She handled herself well in an awkward situation, and was able to be playful yet still send a serious message.