SONAMOO’s Minjae to take the stage with Sleepy on KBS “Music Bank” for “Cool Night”

Untouchable‘s Sleepy will be debuting his latest collaboration track “Cool Night” on tonight’s KBS Music Bank, but it will feature a different female singer.

On the June 19th episode of the music show, Minjae of rookie girl group SONAMOO, under the same agency as Sleepy (TS Entertainment), will be taking the place of original featured singer, SECRET‘s Song Jieun.

TS Entertainment officials revealed that during the choreography practice, Sleepy and Minjae exuded chemistry just like a real couple. Additionally, Sleepy stands at 189cm and Minjae at 165cm, making their height difference 25cm. This is said to be one of the major points in their upcoming performance. Together, they will show off the point choreography that is easy to follow, nicknamed the “Cool Night Dance.”

“Cool Night” was released on June 16th and quickly climbed up the charts on real-time charts, #1 on Olleh Music, #2 on Soribada, and #7 on MelOn.