SONAMOO’s Nahyun receives recognition as a “perfect daughter”

Nahyun of the rookie girl group SONAMOO is getting a belated spotlight as an “um-chin-ddal,” which is a Korean term meaning “the perfect daughter.”

Last year, Nahyun declared the student body resolution on behalf of 3000 students during Konkuk University’s freshmen admission ceremony. It is known that Nahyun’s admission to the college was prior to her official debut as an idol. This has garnered the public’s attention as it meant that she has achieved the admission solely as a qualified individual student.

In the released video footage of the time, part of Nahyun’s freshmen resolution stated, “With our firm resolutions and high hopes, we honor our admission to our dream school, Konkuk University.” Her cute and chubby charms, contrasted with her tall height, have further earned the hearts of the fans who have watched the video.

Meanwhile, as the leader of SONAMOO, Nahyun has also received much praise for her talent in singing as well as dancing, including Korean traditional and modern dances. She has also made minor appearances in OCN dramas Cheo Yong and Memories in the past.

Source: Sports Donga