Actor Song Gang Ho’s Son Apologizes To EXO Fans, Here’s Why

Soccer player Song Jun Pyong made an apology to EXO-Ls.

Actor Song Gang Ho‘s son, Song Jun Pyong, shared a post attacking EXO fans and has made an apology as a result of the criticism he received.


The soccer player shared a post on his Instagram Story captioned, “EXO fans, that’s enough of terrorizing with comments.”


The post has since been deleted but netizens have been suspecting that the athlete shared the post because the premiere for his father’s film, Drug King, was on the same day as the film, Swing Kids, which features EXO’s D.O.

It seems that Song Jun Pyong attacked EXO fans for allegedly giving low ratings or adding negative comments for Drug King to help give attention to Swing Kids.


Song Jun Pyong had openly shown his affection for his father in the past through a photo of his father’s film, A Taxi Driver, but the post has been removed after the controversy arose.


In the end, Song Jun Pyong shared a post on his Instagram, apologizing for his words.

“I’ve shared a rash post due to my imprudent thinking. I bow my head and sincerely apologize to EXO fans.”

Source: SBS Fune and Newsen