“The Glory” Actress Song Hye Kyo’s Emotional Speech At The 2023 Dragon Series Awards Is “Interrupted” — But Her Reaction Was Unexpected

While Song Hye Kyo seemed to be crying, the interruption changed the mood!

Song Hye Kyo‘s recent win at a huge awards show is gaining attention after her emotional speech was “interrupted” in the most heartwarming way.

Actress Song Hye Kyo | @kyo1122/Instagram

Song Hye Kyo really made an impact in 2023 as she starred in the hit K-Drama The Glory. During the series, the actress portrayed Moon Dong Eun perfectly, showcasing the complexities that come with being bullied.


On July 19 (KST), Song Hye Kyo attended the 20213 Blue Dragon Series Awards. Unsurprisingly, the actress once again stole the show with her dazzling visuals.

Unsurprisingly, after her success, Song Hye Kyo took home the Daesang Award for her amazing acting! When the award was announced, the actress seemed in shock as she realized that her name had been called before making her way to the podium.

Considering the highs and lows she’s experienced during the past few years, it’s not surprising that the actress was emotional. At one moment during the speech, Song Hye Kyo got extremely emotional and seemed to be crying.

Yet, while the mood seemed quite somber, a member of the audience gained attention because as the actress seemed subdued, someone shouted, “You’re pretty, Song Hye Kyo.”

As soon as those words were heard, the rest of the audience erupted, and a small smile seemed to form on Song Hye Kyo’s face. While it was an emotional time for the actress, the compliment was exactly what she needed.

Netizens couldn’t get over the audience member’s reaction when the video was posted online. Song Hye Kyo isn’t often as emotional, and the fact that someone wanted to make her feel better by shouting compliments to make her smile had fans LOL’ing.

Song Hye Kyo deserves all the love and support in the world, and the fact a member of the audience (full of huge stars) shared their own compliments so publicly shows the respect she has in the industry.

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