Song Hye Kyo Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters, Lawyer Reveals Why

Song Hye Kyo’s lawyer revealed why she is taking legal action.

Song Hye Kyo has taken legal action against those that have been spreading false rumors and posting malicious comments.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency, UAA, announced that they have filed formal complaints against these people.

On July 25, we filed formal complaints with the Bundang Police Station against numerous suspects for spread of false information, defamation of character and insult.



Song Hye Kyo has been suffering from various rumors since her divorce with Song Joong Ki was announced. Each time news about Song Hye Kyo was reported, speculations about connections to her divorce were made and some netizens even posted malicious comments about Song Hye Kyo at these times. Some online community posts even spread false information about the couple’s divorce.


Song Hye Kyo hired a legal representative from Kim & Change on June 28, one day after her divorce was announced, and has been quielty preparing to take action.

After collecting evidence for approximately one month, Song Hye Kyo has reported numerous suspects on July 25.

We have filed a formal complaint with the Bundang Police Station against numerous suspects after collecting evidence on malicious acts, distribution of false information and malicious slander in relation to Song Hye Kyo. Our company is planning to file crimincal complaints against the remaining communities, comments and YouTubers as soon as evidence is collected.

ㅡ Song Hye Kyo’s legal representative


They also revealed that Song Hye Kyo has been suffering from the rumors and malicious comments that surrounded her.

False information and posts, malicious slander and fabrication and distribution of unimaginable stories related to Song Hye Kyo have been continuing. This has not only surpassed the level of social tolerance, but is also causing unbearable distress to Song Hye Kyo.

ㅡ Song Hye Kyo’s legal representative


Song Hye Kyo’s legal representative has made it clear that they will not accept any deals or negotiations and will be taking strict legal action who have and who continue to abuse their anonymity to spread malicious rumors and asked everyone to refrain from causing a person’s distress through words.

Source: Spotv News

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