Song Hye Kyo Looks Radiant In New Interview Clip For Chaumet

She stopped for a brief interview.

ELLE Korea uploaded a new interview clip of Song Hye Kyo at the reopening of Chaumet’s boutique in Korea.


In the clip, Song Hye Kyo congratulated the brand on their reopening and hoped everyone enjoyed the brand as she is the Asia Ambassador for the jewelry line.

Hello everyone from Elle Korea, it’s Song Hye Kyo. I attended this event today as the Chaumet Asia Ambassador. I sincerely congratulate Chaumet’s reopening of their boutique. I hope you enjoy your time at Chaumet’s boutique and be happy.

Thank you!

— Song Hye Kyo


Dressed in an eccentric black dress, Song Hye Kyo was absolutely radiant!


Her “luxurious” beauty was the perfect canvas for the befitting high-end jewelry.


And she looked like the Queen herself standing in front of her array of crowns and tiaras!


Netizens and fans fell in love with her recent look as she graced the boutique with her presence!


She sat down for dinner with a group of Chaumet’s special guests and basically made the whole room into a movie scene!


It’s so good to see the Queen looking as happy as ever in her recent promotional event!

Source: Sports Donga