Song Hye Kyo Teases Fans By Posting Glimpse Of Recent Date With Han So Hee

The duo’s much-loved friendship continues 😍

In a recent social media update that caught netizens’ eyes, actress Song Hye Kyo shared a glimpse into her personal life, showing a budding friendship with actress Han So Hee. The duo — despite a significant age difference with Song born in 1981 and Han in 1994 — have struck a chord of friendship that’s delightful to witness.

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Earlier today, Song posted a video on her Instagram account featuring a playful cat and captioned it with a heart emoji and the phrase “Cute.” She tagged Han So Hee’s account, revealing that the adorable feline was, in fact, Han’s pet. This casual social media interaction led to netizens discovering a friendly get-together at Han So Hee’s residence, where Song Hye Kyo seemed to be the guest of honor. This “date” of sorts provided a sweet glimpse into the off-screen rapport the two actresses share.

The background to this budding friendship has a professional backdrop. Song and Han were slated to share screen space in an upcoming drama titled The Price of Confession. The anticipation was palpable, as it promised a remarkable on-screen chemistry between the seasoned actress and the rising star. However, due to undisclosed reasons, the drama unfortunately didn’t see the light of day. Yet, it seems like the initial professional interaction paved the way for a personal connection that has evidently blossomed.

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While the drama’s cancellation was a disappointment, the newfound friendship between Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee has been a silver lining. Fans and netizens alike are charmed by this unexpected closeness, with many expressing their happiness online at seeing the warmth between the two actresses.

The interaction between Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee isn’t a one-time occurrence. Their camaraderie has been showcased in earlier playful social media exchanges too. Han has previously dropped flirty comments on Song’s posts, with one notable remark being “Still mine.” Song’s hearty response showcased the friendly banter they shared.

Furthermore, Han had once highlighted through a post how Song had her puppy as her phone’s background, and in another instance, Han humorously claimed both Song and a mutual friend as ‘hers’ in a playful social media exchange.

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Their camaraderie showcases a lovely aspect of the entertainment industry, where friendships can blossom amidst professional ups and downs. The affection and respect between Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee is evidently more than just a fleeting social media interaction, and fans are here for this wholesome friendship.

Source: Herald Pop