Song Hye Kyo’s Words Were Twisted By Korean Media So The Original Interviewer Set The Record Straight

The Korean press allegedly twisted her words to ruin her image.

Song Hye Kyo had recently sat down for an interview while she was in Monaco for a promotional event. There, she opened up about her future plans, thoughts on fate, and her desire to wear a tiara on her birthday.

However, various Korean news reports twisted her words to make it seem as if she thought “it was her fate to get divorced” and that she “wanted to be treated like a princess“.


As netizens began to believe the news reports and criticize Song Hye Kyo, the translator named Miss J, who helped Song Hye Kyo with the original interview, stepped up to set the record straight.

Many misunderstandings arose because the media took out much of the interview’s context and only reported on selected parts of her answers. This was the first time experiencing this, so I was first shocked and angry and now I’m even scared.

— Miss J


First, the Korean media reported Song Hye Kyo’s answer about wearing a tiara as if she suddenly brought it up herself to express her desire to be treated like a princess. However, the original interviewer was the first to bring up the subject of tiaras as she was referring to Chaumet’s new line of tiaras.


The original question was: “If you were allowed to wear one of the tiaras, when would that be?” That was why Song Hye Kyo claimed she wished to wear one on her birthday. Her full response was: “If I were allowed, I would love to be able to wear a tiara on my birthday, on November 22. When I put on a tiara, I feel like a princess.

The interview question was a common question in the fashion world that fit the TPO (Time, Place, Occasion). Song Hye Kyo simply responded with a fitting answer.

The media reported her answer with a difference nuiance. Song Hye Kyo thought of a princess when asked about a tiara, and she expressed that anyone would feel like a princess if they were given the opportunity to wear a tiara for even a little while.

— Miss J


Secondly, Miss J clarified that Song Hye Kyo wasn’t referring to her recent divorce when talking about “fate”. The original question asked about how she chooses her next projects. “How do you decide what projects to work on?

The interviewer’s question was about what she considers when choosing her next project. Song Hye Kyo replied, ‘I believe the projects come to you like fate, not by how much effort you put in.’

— Miss J


Lastly, Miss J revealed that the Korean press failed to report on Song Hye Kyo’s answer about her preferred fashion style. When the interviewer asked “What type of jewelry do you prefer?“, Song Hye Kyo replied, “Of course, I wear luxurious jewelry when I’m working but I prefer to dress in minimalistic styles on a daily basis. I think that’s just my style.

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Miss J claimed it was unfortunate that the Korean media made her sound like a privileged princess when Song Hye Kyo was actually humble and down to Earth.

I don’t know why the reports didn’t talk about how Song Hye Kyo is a ‘natural person who likes to dress in minimalistic styles’.

I’m very upset.

— Miss J

Source: Newsen