Song Il Gook and his triplets chosen as new brand models for Minute Maid

Actor and father Song Il Gook along with his adorable triplet boys Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se are appointed as the new faces for Coca-Cola’s juice brand, Minute Maid.

Seen on the variety show Return of Superman, actor Song Il Gook and his triplets have become a rising trend, and are gaining popularity. Showing his fatherly side to viewers and fans, Song Il Gook has displayed a gentle personality, and praiseworthy parenting.

Song Il Gook shows his healthy lifestyle and eating habits through broadcasts as he takes into consideration nutrition while preparing food for his boys. The triplets and their father who have become known for their vigorous appetites from the show have also recieved lots of love from viewers. Fitting of the title “Nation’s Mukbang Triplets”, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se display their delicious style of eating on the show.

A representative from the company explained their reason for choosing Song Il Gook and his boys as promotional models stating, “Song Il Gook feeds his children healthy, good meals, and the triplets eat everything so deliciously. Because of this they recieve lots of love. The quality and deliciousness of nature’s goods is the brand concept of Minute Maid, and because they fit that concept they were chosen as models.”

Being the new faces of Minute Maid, Song Il Gook and the triplets will be showing the public how to enjoy the drink deliciously with friendly and natural images in their future commerical films.

Source: Osen