Song Il Kook Reveals Racists Threw A Bottle Full Of Urine At His Triplets During Their Stay In France

The Song triplets were playing in the playground when…

Actor Song Il Kook, his wife and his famous triplets – Daehan, Minguk and Manse – came back to Korea after living in France for a year. Song Il Kook sat down for an interview, where he revealed that his family faced racial discrimination and hate during their time abroad.


He recalled the time when the triplets were playing at a playground when someone threw a bottle full of urine at them. Song Il Kook had experienced other racial discriminations before but this act was intolerable as he remembers exploding with rage.

“We met nasty people from those who cursed at us solely for being Asian to those who threw a bottle of urine towards the kids while they were playing on the playground.”

— Song Il Kook


He says he’d “never been so angry” as he “used every curse word that [he] knew” to fight back against those who harmed his children.


Aside from the racial hatred, Song Il Kook believes their time in France wasn’t completely bad. He believes “it was educational for the kids to have lived in a different place where no one recognized them from Superman Returns.


The Song triplets are growing up fast as they’ve already begun their first year in elementary school. Song Il Kook reassured the fans that the boys are growing up healthy and well.

“They’re adjusting well.

They were born on the same day from the same belly, but it’s amazing how different their personalities are. They’ve grown exactly as they have been since they were little. They’re brothers, but also friends of the same age, so I’ve been worrying a lot as they continue to grow. I wonder what’s the best way to care for each of their different energy levels and personalities.

They were also assigned to three different homerooms, so it’s triple the work [at school] too.”

— Song Il Kook

Source: Newsen