Song Jae Rim And T-ARA Jiyeon’s Agencies Deny Dating Rumors

Their agencies clarified what happened.

Actor Song Jae Rim and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon were reported to be dating after a witness saw them on an alleged car date. The two were seen fueling up a car together and appeared to be on a sweet date.

However, the two celebs’ agencies have responded with statements denying the dating rumors. Song Jae Rim’s agency clarified that the two are only friends who share the same hobby of biking.

They were on their way to a safe circuit to practice when they were spotted by the witness.

They first met while filming I Wanna Hear Your Song last year, and they share a similar hobby of biking. They’re only close industry senior and junior.

On the 17th, Song Jae Rim was going to practice biking at a circuit located in Taebaek. Jiyeon is just getting into the hobby, so she went with him. That’s when they were spotted.

Safe practice circuits are located in the countryside, so there was a misunderstanding.


Jiyeon’s agency also verified the story by explaining that Jiyeon wanted to go learn at the circuit after hearing that Song Jae Rim had reserved a safe location for his personal use.

The agency emphasized that they are not dating and that the actors from the drama all meet up frequently as friends. “They are only close friends. The actors from the drama got along well and meet each other frequently. They’re not dating.

Jiyeon got to know Song Jae Rim through the drama, and they are close friends.

It’s true that they traveled to the countryside together. Song Jae Rim had reserved a bike circuit located near Taebaek. Jiyeon recently bought a bike and is learning how to ride. While talking about biking, she decided to go practice on a circuit together.

The bikes were shipped to the circuit beforehand and the two went there together by car. That’s what the witness saw.

— Jiyeon’s Agency

Song Jae Rim and Jiyeon showed off an undeniable chemistry on screen, and it appears that their chemistry has blossomed into a sweet friendship as they share the same hobby!

Source: Osen and Newsen