Young Suzy Look-A-Like Reveals She Received A Casting Offer From JYP Entertainment

She’s the daughter of a famous soccer player.

Song Ji Ah is famous for her appearance on Dad! Where Are We Going? , where she traveled the countryside with her dad, Song Jong Kook, who is a famous soccer player.


She was more recently praised for her beauty as many claimed she looked very similar to Suzy!


It appears Suzy’s former agency agreed! Song Ji Ah’s mom revealed that she’s already received a casting offer from JYP Entertainment.

A large agency contacted us and told her to sign with them. They didn’t want to have a meeting first, they wanted to sign her right away. There are a lot of singers there.

It starts with J…

— Park Yeon Soo


But Song Ji Ah turned them down because she’s more focused on her dream to become a professional golf player.

Since she’s still young, she doesn’t know what she wants to do for sure. She’s currently really interested in golf, so she doesn’t want to sign with an agency yet.

— Park Yeon Soo


But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t tempted! She wanted to join the company but ultimately decided to focus on golf for now.

Of course, I wanted to sign with them. They’re a big company. But that would mean I wouldn’t be able to play golf as often as I’d like.

— Song Ji Ah


She’s got a natural talent for golfing too! She revealed that while other girls around her age and training hit around 120~130m, she averages out at 160~170m with 200m being her all-time highest!


Will Song Ji Ah become the next big golf player or will she decide to switch her dream to the entertainment industry? Nothing’s for certain besides the fact that she’s got a bright future ahead of her!


Check out the full interview below: