Song Ji Eun’s backup dancers bewilders fans with their similar visuals

Song Jieun recently uploaded a picture of herself with her back up dancers on Instagram.

Uploaded on September 25th, the photo is almost eerie as all her back up dancers look almost exactly the same. The dancers have been identified as from the same dance team called Play. They are currently working together with Song Jieun for the promotion of her song “Bobby Doll.”

Fans expressed support for the team with comments such as “Why are they all so pretty?” and “Is it the hair or the makeup that makes them look identical?”

The SECRET member released her first solo mini-album in two years, and has exceed expectation with her catchy track “Bobby Doll.”

넘나 예쁜 우리 #플레이 댄서팀??❤ #play일가 #플레이일가 #송지은 #바비돌 #인기가요 열일한 #인형들?

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송지은 댄서.PLAY일가. Playgirls. 컨셉 바비인형(?)

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어떻게든 단사 찍어줄려고 노력중이 현경이와 #바비돌 로 돌아온 #송지은 양과 댄서팀 #play일가 남은 스케줄 모두들 화이팅 !!

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