Song Ji Hyo considers Gary as her ex-boyfriend?

Song Ji Hyo talks about the differences between Running Man Monday Couple partner Gary and current leading man, Byun Yo Han

During a press conference for tvN’s drama Ex-Girlfriend Club on April 30th, Song Ji Hyo was asked if her Monday Couple boyfriend Gary showed any hint of jealousy towards her drama leading man, Byun Yo Han, not failing to mention that a flower wreath from Gary himself was spotted outside of the hall.

To this, the actress playfully replied that, “These days, I have been meeting Byun Yo Han everyday except Monday and Tuesday.” She further stated that Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend to her now compared to the actor who is like a new boyfriend to her.

She also mentioned that during a recent filming, Gary was able to compliment her and mentioned how she matched well with Byun Yo Han, further expressing her thanks to her Running Man partner.

Ex-Girlfriend Club is a production based on the popular webtoon of the same title about Song Ji Hyo who is working on a film on her former boyfriend’s, played by Byun Yo Han, ex-girlfriends. The show aired starting on May 8th 2015 following the run of Super Daddy Yeol.

Source: Seoul Newspaper