Actress Song Ji Hyo’s Dream Wedding Proposal Is Ruined… All Because of “Running Man”

The cast were on hand to help!

Weddings are extremely romantic, and in the world of Korean entertainment, they are normally extravagant and like a fairytale.

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An important part of getting married is the proposal.

One person who has the same romantic notions of marriage is actress and Running Man cast member Song Ji Hyo, but it might have been ruined.

Actress Song Ji Hyo | @my_songjihyo/Instagram

In the recent episode, the cast went to the zoo.

While it was a good day out, before they arrived, Ji Hyo revealed that her dream proposal had always been the zoo, and she wanted to be proposed to there.

While it seemed like a random statement, the actress then revealed that because she’d been to the zoo so many times with the Running Man cast, she was “Over it.”

After losing her passion for having a proposal at the zoo, she was asked what her dream was now. Sadly, it seems like the zoo was her first and only choice, as she added, “I no longer dream of things like that.”

Of course, as all good friends do, the entire cast then tried to give Ji Hyo ideas to bring back a romantic notion about her dream proposal.

Unfortunately, like real friends, it didn’t seem like they were taking it too seriously and Ji Hyo hated every single one of them.

When the clip was posted, netizens couldn’t get over what had happened. Of course, Ji Hyo wouldn’t have felt as special being proposed to at a zoo with all the times she had gone, but the fact the other cast tried to come up with new ideas was even funnier.

Hopefully, in the future, when someone proposes to Ji Hyo, it will be everything she wants and more.


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