[★VIDEO] Song Ji Hyo films MV for Mandarin duet with Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu

Song Ji Hyo has been gaining a lot of popularity not only within Korea, but also around Asia and internationally, after becoming a part of the cast for Running Man. Although Song Ji Hyo is a well-established actress, fans don’t get to listen to her sing very often. However, that is about to change as she will be featured in a song and MV alongside Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu!

On March 24th, it was revealed that Song Ji Hyo traveled to Taiwan to film the music video for duet track, “You’re So Cute,” with Kenji Wu. While Song Ji Hyo is an experienced star, she was seen acting a little nervous during the shoot as she has not had a lot of experience in singing.

Despite this, the two celebrities finished the shoot successfully without major issues. When asked whether his girlfriend will be jealous of Song Ji Hyo, Kenji Wu responded, “They’re both really cute!“, and revealed that he is confident his new album will do well with the support of the two goddesses.

Kenji Wu then continued to praise Song Ji Hyo endlessly, revealing his gratitude towards the actress as she participated in the recording of the song on Valentine’s Day and brought along chocolates for everyone. This time, she traveled to Taiwan for the filming of the music video despite having a nasty cold.

Stay tuned for the release of the full song and music video. For now, check out the footage of the MV filming and interview below!

Source: ETTV