“I Haven’t Been Paid In 2 Months” Song Ji Hyo And Ji Suk Jin’s Agency Is Reportedly Facing Major Financial Issues

Employees are reportedly quitting the agency in droves.

Agency Uzurocks, which is home to talents such as Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin, is facing financial issues.

Song Ji Hyo | Maeil Kyungjae
Ji Suk Jin |

According to a Sports Seoul report, agency Uzurocks has asked around ten employees to resign due to management difficulties. Other employees are also said to be leaving, citing that the agency “Has no future.”

Uzurocks building | uzurocks

One employee of the agency told Sports Seoul that they had not received their salary for two months and that some of the agency’s celebrities also haven’t received their payment.

I haven’t been paid in two months. For some employees, their insurance policies have also not been paid. I also didn’t receive the year-end settlement refund that I should have received with my salary. Currently, celebrities aren’t being paid their fees for appearances and endorsements either.

— Employee

For the managers of celebrities, the situation is even worse. According to the report, managers have not been refunded for expenses incurred for three months.

Uzurocks has a system where every month, the label refunds expenses incurred, but some managers haven’t been reimbursed for over three months.

— Employee

According to the report, what employees are most disappointed with, however, is the attitude of the agency. In the report, one employee criticizes the agency’s attitude in regard to missed payments.

It’s a start-up, so I understand that we can have temporary financial issues. However, I’m shocked by (Uzurocks) attitude. They act as if they are entitled not to pay us. They should have given us prior notice of the missed payments and asked for our understanding.

— Employee

Employees of the agency also stated that they had kept quiet until now, in fear of the negative effects the controversy may cause the agency’s celebrities.

We couldn’t say anything for fear of the negative effects it may have on celebrities. But because employees are normal civilians, our rent, credit card debt, and other financial obligations are starting to pile up. If we aren’t reimbursed by the 10th (April), we will all go to the Department of Labor together.

— Employee

Sports Seoul stated that they had reached the agency’s CEO, Park Joo Nam, who lives in the US, several times, but that they weren’t able to reach him. After the news outlet began its investigation, one employee stated that they received their pay for February on April 5.

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Source: sports seoul