Song Ji Hyo Reveals Her Ideal Type Is Optimus Prime, Here’s Why

Here’s why Optimus Prime is Song Ji Hyo’s ideal type!

Song Ji Hyo revealed on JTBC’s Knowing Bros that her ideal type does not exist in this world.


She explained that she fell in love with a line that a character said in a movie, and that character was Optimus Prime.

“In the past, I used to think appearance was very important but one day I saw a movie. I fell in love with a line one of the characters said. It was Optimus Prime from Transformers.” — Song Ji Hyo


After baffling the cast with her unique answer, she explained that she “likes men who have a nice voice.”


She fell in love when Optimus Prime simply said his name in his signature low-charismatic voice!


Although her tastes may be unique, no one can deny that Optimus Prime does have one sexy voice!

Source: News 1