Song Ji Hyo Reveals Why She Will Never Be Able To Date Kim Jong Kook 

Song Ji Hyo made it clear that she can never date Kim Jong Kook.

Song Ji Hyo expressed her real intentions about Kim Jong Kook as she appeared as guest on SBS My Ugly Duckling.


With Kim Jong Kook’s mother declaring Song Ji Hyo to be her daughter-in-law, the actress, herself, clarified the real truth behind their on-screen chemistry.

Kim Jong Kook’s Mother Declares Song Ji Hyo Will Be Her Daughter-In-Law


The panel members said that almost all of the search terms online about Kim Jong Kook are linked to Song Ji Hyo but she insisted that they were simply close friends and considered him more as a brother.

Many search keywords relate Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo about marriage, dating, and their on-screen relationship.


But his mother was not having none of it and expressed her own views.

“It seems like Kim Jong Kook is not to her liking. They’ve been doing the same program for years, but been only met with scandals.” — Kim Jong Kook’s Mother


Song Ji Hyo knew about the rumors but clarified that there was nothing between them.

“I cannot mix emotions with someone I’m working with.”  — Song Ji Hyo


It was only last year that the two were swept up in a number of dating rumours which was later on denied.

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo swept up in new dating rumors


Song Ji Hyo’s reactions were priceless though!


Source: Dispatch