Song Ji Hyo Talks About Her Plans For Marriage

Song Ji Hyo confessed her true feelings about marriage.

Song Ji Hyo opened up about her plans for marriage during an interview about her new movie What A Man Wants.


To her, marriage isn’t a top priority right now because she loves the single lifestyle.

“It’s not that marriage isn’t on my mind at all right now, but I’m satisfied with my current lifestyle so I don’t think it’ll happen unless something really sparks. I’m having a lot of fun! — Song Ji Hyo


Her mother always used to nag her about when she was going to settle down, especially if they were near a wedding hall – but these days she doesn’t even bother!

“In the past, my mother would talk about it a lot. She’s given up these days. She only tells me to take a break, without talking about marriage. When she stopped asking, I realized she was getting older, too!” — Song Ji Hyo


Contrast to her beliefs, Song Ji Hyo plays a wife of 8 years in her new movie, which is a comedy about relationships and cheating!

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Posted by CGV on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Source: JTBC News
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