(★BREAKING) Song Jieun And Sung Hoon Reportedly Dating

Former SECRET member Song Jieun and actor Sung Hoon are reportedly dating. They met each other through filming OCN’s “My Secret Romance”.

News reports say that actor Sung Hoon and Song Jieun from SECRET are in a relationship. The two met while filming as lead stars in OCN’s My Secret Romance. They had allegedly started dating after the drama ended, as they were seen on romantic dates together.

Song Jieun even attended Sung Hoon’s fan meetings, where he introduced her as his friend from the drama.

The drama staff had apparently known of their special chemistry while filming on set as they recalled that their skinship was too “natural” and “special”.

Sung Hoon and Song Jieun are the latest drama couple come-to-life! Their agencies have yet to make statements about the dating reports.

Source: TV Report
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