Song Joong Gi Confirmed To Be In Talks For New Movie About The Late Musician Yoo Jae Ha

Song Joong Ki’s preparing a comeback.

Actor Song Joong Ki may be preparing for his next movie role as he’s in talks of taking on the role of musician Yoo Jae Ha in a script in progress.

His agency confirmed the rumors that Song Joong Ki was offered a role, and they revealed that he is currently in the process of reviewing the role of Yoo Jae Ha, and it’s moving in a positive direction.

[Song Joong Ki] received a role offer for the film ‘The Season Of Us’, and he’s in the process of reviewing it positively.

He was offered the role of Yoo Jae Ha.


Song Joong Ki had returned from filming another movie, titled “Bogota”, in Columbia. He has since been self-quarantining at his home due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the situation in South Korea is lightening up, it appears the actor is gearing up to get back to work.

“The Season Of Us” will be directed by Jung Da Won, who is best known for his work in “Girl Cops”. The film will feature the life of Yoo Jae Ha, a musician from back in the 80’s who met an early death at the age of 25. He left behind one album that is has continuously admired and studied to this day.

Source: MBN