Actor Song Joong Ki’s Experience During His First Major Acting Role Showcases The Harsh Reality Of The K-Drama Industry

The actor revealed why it was such a memorable moment.

When it comes to some of the most-known and well-loved actors in Korea, one person who is always on that list is Song Joong Ki. Not only has he wowed fans in K-Dramas such as Vincenzo and Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong Ki in “Vincenzo” | tvN

But his kind personality has also been shared by netizens and those lucky enough to meet the actor.

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Yet, it seems like Song Joong Ki’s debut in acting was even more memorable, but not always for the right reasons. The actor made his acting debut in 2007, while he was still at college, in the SBS K-Drama Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung, where he played “Reporter 3.”

Song Joong Ki recently sat down with some of his fellow actors to discuss everything about their path into acting and the hardships they suffered.

When it came to Song Joong Ki’s debut, it wasn’t as easy as simply finding roles and building his profile. The actor explained that he was picking up small roles as extras himself because he didn’t even have an agency at the time to help.

In particular, he shared that the first role that he was credited for was actually possible because of his senior at college. Although it was small, Song Joong Ki shared the importance as he explained, “For the first time, I was given a role with one complete line.

As both he and the other guests agreed, this is a huge thing, especially when actors are starting out in the industry.

After arriving at the set for the first time, Song Joong Ki shared his shock at the scale of the show and even explained that veteran star Sung Dong Il was in front of him. Even though it was a huge moment for him, the actor shared that he was more excited than nervous.

However, his lack of experience and rookie status in the industry caused some tensions with the rest of the cast, especially with the actors playing the other two reporters. It was the moment Song Joong Ki learned about the “reality of drama shooting.” In particular, it was their reaction to Song Joong Ki that seemed the most shocking.

I was some nobody casted for the role of Reporter Three, and the cast for Reporter One and Two dragged me to the corner while they were setting up for shooting.

— Song Joong Ki

As expected, the rest of the guests wondered why this was the case, and whether it was because of Song Joong Ki’s experience or the fact he was just a newbie. Song Joong Ki explained that they asked him how he had got the role, especially considering he was fairly inexperienced.

It wasn’t until after the filming that the reasoning behind the other actors’ behavior became clear. Song Joong Ki explained that he was still a young actor and didn’t realize the scale of the opportunity he had been given.

I didn’t know why they were asking that. But then I realized later on that competition is fierce in that world. I got lucky, and I got the ‘Okay’ sign. It felt cathartic when I first said a line.

— Song Joong Ki

Of course, even though it was a small role, it made a huge impact and could’ve easily been the catalyst for Song Joong Ki’s career now. It proves that even the best of actors started somewhere and whether through connections, hard work, or a combination of both, not everyone had the easiest of starts and it is a cutthroat world.

You can watch the whole video below.

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