“Arranging Meetings And Auditions”: Song Joong Ki Admits His Wife’s Role In His International Ambitions

Her connections in both the UK and Hollywood have proved invaluable.

Renowned South Korean actor Song Joong Ki has made a candid revelation in a recent interview with The Korea Herald, expressing the pivotal role his wife has played in his endeavors to land international projects.

| @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Having recently returned to Korea from a nine-month sojourn in Rome with his British wife and their newborn son, Song reflected on his long-standing aspiration to diversify his artistic portfolio through international ventures. Contrary to popular belief, which assumes that his marriage stoked his international inclinations, Song clarified that he has been vying for global opportunities for years.

Although many people think that I’ve become interested in doing overseas projects after marrying my wife, I’ve been going to global auditions for many years to try out more genres in different cultures and systems.

— Song Joong Ki

| @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

While Song’s determination and talent are undeniable, he candidly attributes a significant amount of the support he has received in the international arena to his wife. Her connections in both the UK and Hollywood have proved invaluable, facilitating meetings and auditions for the Hallyu star.

Of course, my wife gives me a lot of support in many ways because she still has friends in the UK and Hollywood, arranging meetings and auditions for me.

— Song Joong Ki

Despite the exposure and the myriad of opportunities his wife’s connections brought his way, Song showcased his humility by sharing a lesser-known fact.

Sadly, I failed all of those previous auditions.

— Song Joong Ki

Song’s confession paints the picture of an artist who — regardless of his domestic achievements — has faced and embraced challenges on the global stage.

Song, whose illustrious career has largely been characterized by TV dramas, also shed light on his artistic ambitions. While he has given life to a wide array of characters throughout his career, his aspiration lies in exploring diverse genres more than varied characters. He revealed that if pressed to choose, he would prioritize the former over the latter. Elaborating on this, he expressed a keen interest in dabbling in the horror genre, adding it to his extensive to-try list.

As fans and well-wishers of Song, it’s heartening to know that he continues to strive for excellence, unafraid of failures, and remains grounded despite his immense success. With the continued support of his wife and his relentless passion, it’s only a matter of time before the popular actor makes an indelible mark on the international cinema stage.

Source: Korea Herald