Song Joong Ki Reveals The Main Reason That Persuaded Him To Take On “Arthdal Chronicles”

He felt the urge to take on this drama after hearing this.

Song Joong Ki recently sat down for an interview about his upcoming historical fantasy drama set in a fictional ancient time period, titled Arthdal Chronicles.

I remember when the director and writer described the overall feel of the project to me before they gave me the synopsis. It felt like a fun folktale. It was similar to how I felt after learning about the Greek and Roman mythologies when I was young. It was mysterious and wonderful.

The overall narrative for Arthdal Chronicles was exciting, and I was amazed by how each of the characters had its own story and characteristics.

— Song Joong Ki


As this is his first drama since his mega-hit series Descendents Of The Sun, everyone was curious as to what made Song Joong Ki choose this drama as his first comeback.

He explained that the main reason was his character, Eun Seom. He was able to relate so closely with the character that he felt the need to play the role.

[My character] is the character that grows the most throughout the story. I felt the most sympathetic [towards this character] because of how he contemplates and hurts from trying to figure out his identity. Be he has an undying effort to never give up on trying to find his life’s path.

I felt the urge to portray Eun Seom’s hurt and innocence.

I think many of our viewers will be able to relate with Eun Seom as he continues to grow while trying to protect himself and his loved ones.

— Song Joong Ki


Song Joong Ki was also called to the overall storyline. He explained that although it is set in a fictional fantasy world, the basic foundations are very similar to what we feel in the present times.

Arthdal Chronicles is just set in a different time, it still tells a story about the humans’ basic emotions of desire, ambition, and instinct. There are many things that we take for granted these days that were considered highly sacred and mysterious back in this time period. We put an emphasis on expressing these primordial and untainted points.

Arthdal Chronicles has a variety of different people, languages, and a new generation. I hope our viewers will be able to feel a little bit about what kind of life ancient mankind had.

— Song Joong Ki


The production team praised Song Joong Ki for his outstanding portrayal of Eun Seom, and asked the viewers to look forward to a new side of him!

Song Joong Ki breathed life into this new era of ancient mankind, as well as the overall narrative. We hope you look forward to the new transformation of Song Joong Ki as he becomes Eun Seom, who is an Arthdal native who also has a secret identity.

— Production Team


Arthdal Chronicles airs its first episode on Saturday, June 1 at 9 pm KST.

Source: Osen