Song Joong Ki Addresses Backlash From Previous Controversial Statement

“I was in Italy when I found out…”

Actor Song Joong Ki spoke on the backlash stemming from his previous controversial comments.

Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

On September 25, Song Joong Ki met with members of the media to promote his upcoming movie Hopeless (Also known as Hwaran). Hopeless tells the story of a teenage boy who joins a gang to escape his own hellish reality.

Poster for Hopeless | EDaily

On this day, Song Joong Ki addressed the controversy sparked by his previous comments.

Regardless of the mistakes in the translation, I feel that what I said might make people uncomfortable.

— Song Joong Ki

Previously, the actor found himself at the center of controversy when he told a Chinese media outlet that becoming a father would have consequences for his career.

In the entertainment industry, becoming a husband and father means that there will be times when I lose a project. Although it differs by case, I feel that I have been losing more projects since marrying a woman and having a child. However, I am not worried about that.

— Song Joong Ki

Many felt that the actor’s comments were insensitive to the many actresses who find their careers affected by their age, romantic partners, and marriage.

Song Joong Ki Angers Netizens After “Insensitive” Comment About Parenthood And Losing Jobs

Song Joong Ki further stated how he found out about the controversy and what he felt when he did. The actor further stated that he was apologetic and would be more careful in the future.

I was in Italy when I found out via a text sent by my friends. I was caught off-guard, but regardless of the mistakes in the translation, I feel that what I said might make people uncomfortable. I realized I made a mistake and that I needed to be more careful (in the future).

— Song Joong Ki

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki makes his return to the big screen when Hopeless premieres in theatres on October 11. Check out the movie’s trailer in the link below.


Source: Ilgan Sports