Song Joong Ki Reportedly Cast For A New Movie Following News Of His Divorce

He may be flying to Colombia to film the new movie!

Song Joong Ki will reportedly be focusing solely on his work following the shocking news of his divorce. News reports claim that Song Joong Ki confirmed to feature on another movie, titled “Bogotá”.

The movie is said to be a thriller drama movie set in the 1990s about the criminal world inside the city of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Song Joong Ki’s character is a man in his 30’s who immigrates to Colombia and works in the local traditional markets.

Song Joong Ki will reportedly fly out to Colombia this December and the filming is set to finish sometime in January. 90% of the film will be filmed in Colombia.


Despite the news, Song Joong Ki’s agency revealed that he had received the casting offer but he has yet to confirm his appearance.

Song Joong Ki received an offer for ‘Bogotá’, and he’s currently reviewing it.

— Blossom Entertainment


As of now, Song Joong Ki is focusing on another movie, titled “Victory”. He has already begun filming for this sci-fi movie that’s about a story in space.

Source: Osen and Herald Pop