Song Joong Ki Reportedly Filed For Divorce Without Telling Song Hye Kyo

He didn’t tell her about the application.

Channel A has confirmed through a source close to Song Joong Ki that he filed for divorce without telling Song Hye Kyo in advance.

According to the Channel A report, Song Joong Ki submitted the application for divorce on June 26, the same day he went to watch a musical. However, he did not even tell Song Hye Kyo about submitting the divorce application until she found out through the media.

The same source close to Song Joong Ki stated why he believes Song Joong Ki is trying to expedite the divorce process, which can be interpreted as a warning to not make any extra noise or comments.

The intentions for this is to warn Song Hye Kyo that if she tries to circulate any lies or rumors about their married life or background information about their divorce, that he would reveal everything.

— Source close to Song Joong Ki

It has been said that Song Joong Ki’s side is looking to wrap up the divorce process as quickly as possible without asking for any alimony from Song Hye Kyo. The Seoul Family Court is expected to begin arbitration on their divorce in about a month, which means the entire divorce process could be finished in August, it there are no setbacks.

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