Actor Song Joong Ki Proves To Be The Perfect Gentleman After Protecting His Wife Katy Louise Saunders From Reporters At The Airport

The happy couple was unsurprisingly met with a crowd of fans and media!

Earlier in the year, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that actor Song Joong Ki married British actress Katy Louise Saunders and that the two were expecting their first child.

Song Joong Ki and his girlfriend | @sjkgirlfrnd via @writer_liltash/Twitter

On February 16 (KST), the happy couple was spotted at Incheon Airport leaving to go to Hungary, where the actor will start filming his upcoming Netflix film, My Name Is Loh Kiwan.

Yet, amidst the duo’s public appearance, where they greeted reporters and accepted gifts, it was impossible not to notice how protective Song Joong Ki was while they were at the airport.

At one moment, while they were walking through Incheon Aiport, it seemed like one of the reporters was getting close to the couple, but it didn’t seem to be malicious.

Upon both the security and Song Joong Ki noticing the cameraman, as the guards urged them to move back, the actor’s hand immediately went up as an almost protective barrier for Katy Louise Saunders.

The reporter was extremely apologetic and immediately moved back while Song Joong Ki continued to take letters and gifts from fans. Yet, as the crowds got larger, Song Joong Ki’s body language and gestures seemed very protective as he ensured that his wife had enough room around her.

As the couple continued through the airport, they both showcased their true personalities as they continued to greet those who were waiting for them, whether it was the press or fans. Yet, Song Joong Ki kept close to Katy Louise Saunders and had his hand on her back.

Even as they went into security, both Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders waved to the crowds as they disappeared.

Even in pictures by the press…

Some netizens joked that Song Joong Ki looked like Katy Louise Saunder’s bodyguard. The actor protected her and tried to keep the reporters a safe distance from them.

As expected, Song Joong Ki will undoubtedly be the best husband and caring father, considering his protective nature.

You can read more about their departure below.

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Source: Newsen