Actor Song Joong Ki Became A Hot Topic Amongst ARMYs During The “Run BTS!” Marathon On Weverse For This Hilarious Reason

“I’ve seen Song Joong Ki more than my family today…”

It seems as if the worlds of K-Pop and K-Dramas are coming together more and more, but for the most random reasons. Of course, BTS is one of the biggest K-Pop groups in the world and always gains the love and attention of fans worldwide.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Well, recently, BTS came together with the world of K-Dramas when veteran actor and star of “Vincenzo” Song Joong Ki became the talk of ARMYs worldwide for the funniest reason.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @songjoongki/Instagram

Of course, like BTS, Song Joong is extremely talented, and his visuals are no joke as he can melt hearts and get them racing with his acting and charming personality.

Song Joong Ki in “Vincenzo” | The Swoon/YouTube

Song Joong Ki showcasing his humor when filming “Vincenzo” | The Swoon/YouTube 

But what does it have to do with BTS?

BTS already made headlines when it was announced that the group is set to perform for free in October for their Yet To Come concert in Busan to support the Busan World Expo bid for 2023.

BTS poster for the Busan concert | HYBE

In the lead-up to the huge event, Weverse is currently doing a warm-up schedule for ARMYs to get them even more excited (if that’s even possible). Over the next few weeks, the platform announced it would be hosting different events.

September 24 was 120 minutes of BTS’s iconic Run BTS! and ARMYs worldwide tuned in to watch some of the best episodes.

The Weverse schedule | Weverse

Although it still seems confusing why Song Joong Ki would go viral for this event, it all came down to adverts.

Back in 2021, Song Joong Ki did an advert for the brand Scarlett. In the advert, the actor showcased his unrivaled visuals and charisma in a sophisticated and sleek promotional video. For many fans, they couldn’t watch it enough to get their fix of the actor.

Song Joong Ki in the “Scarlett” advert | Scarlett/YouTube

| Scarlett/YouTube  

| Scarlett/YouTube

Well, it seems like ARMYs got their own fix while watching Weverse. During the Run BTS! marathon, the episodes were split up with adverts in intervals.

According to fans, whenever there was a break, the programming would switch between a BTS’s Hyundai advert and Song Joong Ki’s. One user even joked that they’d seen Song Joong Ki more than their own family because of the adverts.

When it started gaining attention on a TikTok video, ARMYs hilariously started sharing their own experiences of the adverts after seeing it so many times.

Others joked that they got so confused after switching on Weverse to see Song Joong Ki that they actually thought they’d made a mistake and ended up initially switching off the broadcast.

Although many probably wouldn’t complain about seeing the handsomeness, it was definitely not something ARMYs expected to see while watching a Run BTS! marathon on Weverse.

You can read more about the connections between BTS and Song Joong Ki below.

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