Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Jang Dong Gun Confirmed for New tvN Drama “Asadal Chronicles”

The new drama will begin airing in early 2019!

Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won have been confirmed to appear on the upcoming tvN series Asadal Chronicles (working title).

Asadal Chronicles will be Korea’s first attempt at a fantasy drama set in the ancient times. It will deal with the conflicts and concord of the people and the mythical tales of love in the fictional land of “Asa”.


The scriptwriters, Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, who were in charge of the popular historical dramas Queen Seondeok, Deep-Rooted Tree and Six Flying Dragons, will be responsible for the upcoming drama’s script. Moreover, the drama will be directed by Kim Won Seok, the talented director behind the television series Misaeng, Signal and My Mister.


Song Joong Ki’s character, Eunseom, is a man born under a prophecy wrought by the energy of a blue comet who later conquers Asadal.


Jang Dong Gun will be playing the role of Ta Gon, a war hero of Asadal who led the nation to victory during a major war. His character is one that dreams of becoming the first king in a world where the position is yet to be established.


And Kim Ji Won will play the character of Tan Ya, a woman with the energy of the blue comet. She is Eun Seom’s first love and later becomes the first crown princess of Asadal.


The Asadal Chronicles is set to air in the first half of 2019 so stay tuned!

Source: TV Report