Actor Song Joong Ki’s Cameo Scene In K-Drama “Little Women” Sends Netizens Into Meltdown With Subtle References To “Vincenzo”

It could be because both series had the same director!

As soon as one K-Drama finishes, it seems like another is quickly ready to take its place in the hearts of netizens.

After the end of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a K-Drama of a completely different genre has gained positive reviews, and it’s Little Women.

The poster for “Little Women” | tvN

The tvN show is loosely based on the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. The show stars Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu, playing three sisters who have grown up poor due to family circumstances but get involved in a rich family after money goes missing.

| The Swoon/YouTube
| The Swoon/YouTube   

During the recent episode, Kim Go Eun, who plays the oldest sister, Oh In Ju, is on the hunt to try and prove that her best friend was innocent of any crimes that she allegedly did before her death.

| Netflix 

Before her death, the friend gave Oh In Ju a pair of limited edition shoes. Oh In Ju doesn’t believe her friend bought it herself and goes to a shoe shop to try and figure out who did it and how it might link to the whole situation.

After entering the store, Oh In Ju was met with someone who works at the store, who was played by none other than actor Song Joong Ki. Netizens couldn’t get over the cameo and loved seeing two of the best actors in Korea interacting on the screen.

| Netflix
| Netflix
| Netflix    

Song Joong Ki has been acting for many years, yet one of his most famous roles was as the Korean-Italian mafia lawyer Vincenzo in the K-Drama Vincenzo. He captured the hearts of netizens with his acting, visuals, and aura.

Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo | tvN

Well, eagle-eyed netizens watching the show think that the producers of the show might also have been fans of the K-Drama as there were some references to Vincenzo throughout Kim Go Eun’s scene with Song Joong Ki.

The first thing that netizens noticed was that the shoe store Song Joong Ki was working at was called Bruno Zumino, which is obviously meant to be an Italian store… and Vincenzo was raised in Italy!

| Netflix

The next was even more subtle. If your eyesight was good enough to read the name on Song Joong Ki’s nametag, it read “Park Joo Hyeong.” For any huge fans of the K-Drama, they will know that Park Joo Hyeong was his Korean name before he became Vincenzo Cassano.

| Netflix
The name on the “Little Women” nametag reads the same as Vincenzo’s Korean name | Netflix

Finally, when the camera had a zoomed-in shot of Oh In Ju’s shoes, many thought it seemed very similar to a scene with Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young (played by Jeon Yeo Bin).

Oh In Ju’s shoe scene from “Little Women” | Netflix
Jeon Yeo Bin’s shoe scene in “Vincenzo” | Netflix

After the episode aired, netizens were obsessed with all the references, sharing just how smart the show was and how subtle they were to not overpower the scene.

Obviously, it shouldn’t be too surprising as the director of Little Women and Vincenzo were both Kim Hee Won. Even during the Vincenzo series, Kim Hee Won was known to put references to past work or “Easter Eggs” in the episodes.

“Tae Ho” refers to Song Joong Ki’s character in “Space Sweepers” | Netflix
The plants in “Vincenzo” were named after past Song Joong Ki characters | tvN
There was even a reference to Park Seo Joon’s “Itaewon Class” character | Netflix

Of course, it isn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t get over the references, and director Kim Hee Won has truly been treating K-Drama fans worldwide with one scene alone. Who knows, maybe it won’t be the last time other K-Dramas make an appearance in the show.

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