Song Joong Ki’s New Drama “Bogota” Filming Delayed Until Next Year Due To Coronavirus

The production team explained their plans.

Song Joong Ki had been working on his upcoming film, “Bogota”, in Colombia when filming halted in March due to the coronavirus global pandemic. All the staff and crew returned to Korea in late March and quarantined for 2 weeks.

It remained unsure when filming will resume but the production team just announced that filming is delayed until next year. As the pandemic continues to grow in South America, the production team has given up on hopes of filming this summer and decided to resume next year.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia and South America is not doing well. We were planning on resuming the filming for ‘Bogota’ this summer, but as Colombia still isn’t doing well, we decided to cancel our summer plans and postpone the filming until next year.

— Production Team

The team has also cancelled plans for shooting this Fall. As their Fall plans also remained uncertain, the production team felt it was unreasonable to hold onto the actors’ time and schedules indefinitely.

But they reassured the fans that the project is not being scrapped but will definitely resume next year.

We had also planned on filming this Fall, but we don’t know when COVID-19 will subside. We can’t keep holding onto the actors’ schedules indefinitely. After a long discussion, we decided to postpone.

We already finished about 45% of the filming. We will not be cancelling the project in its entirety. We will resume next year for sure and release it for the audience.

— Production Team

The movie tells a story of Korean men who live in Bogota, Colombia. As the story is told 90% in Colombia, there is little to no filming in Korea. Song Joong Ki fans will have to wait another year or so before his movie comeback.

Source: Sports Chosun