Song Joong Ki Reveals His Secret To Slowing Time And Stopping His Visuals From Changing

His anti-aging secrets uncovered!

Actor Song Joong Ki opened up in a personal interview through his agency’s online magazine, “Hi_High”. Considering how he’s famous for his stunning baby face visuals, everyone wondered if he ever aged at all.

Photos from his high school and college graduation photos prove that he may just be a vampire! His looks have barely changed throughout the past decades.

His secret? Clearing his mind, body, and soul with a daily morning exercise of pilates! Song Joong Ki started the routine to help his knee recover but fell in love with the practice and continues it even today!

Every day is about the same. I do pilates early in the morning.

I actually started it for recovery purposes because I hurt my knee in the past. But now, my heart feels refreshed when I do pilates every morning.

— Song Joong Ki

He also confessed that he thinks about not wanting to age any further. He once tried limiting his diet to one meal a day but found it wasn’t helpful.

This gorgeous visual god showed off his relatable side by confessing he couldn’t even last a month before he gave that up.

I didn’t want to age any further, so I tried intermittent fasting by eating one meal a day for about a month.

But I gave up within a month.

— Song Joong Ki

He also revealed that he’s just a normal guy with a daily routine at home. Even while looking like a prince who’s been doted on since his past 100 lives, he also worries about chores like washing dishes and forgetting his laundry!

I wash dishes that have piled up, and I even did laundry this morning but I forgot to take them out so, right now, I’m worried that it’ll smell when I get home.

— Song Joong Ki

To find out more about Song Joong Ki’s interview and how he’s been returning to his normal life, Hi_High released a video and interview through their website and social media.

Check out Song Joong Ki’s full interview video below: