Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Ko Reportedly Divide Up 100 Billion Won In Assets During Divorce Mediation

The former couple have entered mediation to divide their assets.

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Ko’s combined assets reportedly add up to over 100 billion Won ($86 million).

These assets will, of course, have to be divided up following the sudden announcement of their divorce. It’s important to note that the couple applied for divorce mediation, not divorce agreement which means they have failed to agree on certain matters.

Industry professionals have speculated on the value of the pair. Song Joong Ki generated 40 billion Won ($35 million) from just advertisement prior to his marriage to Song Hye Ko. He promptly invested this money in real estate, buying a villa in Seorae Village ($2.2 million), a huge mansion in Itaewon ($8.6 million).

Song Hye Ko was a top star for a longer period of time which means she possesses the lion’s share of the wealth. She owns three houses in Samseong, a house ($8.6 million), a luxury villa ($2.6 million) and another large house ($7.9 million). She also owns a condo in New York ($1.7 million).

Since they were only married a short time, many expect they will come to a mutual agreement as the wealth they accumulated as a couple only accounts for a small portion of their total wealth.

Source: Naver