Song Joong Ki’s Passport And Personal Information Leaked Online While Traveling Abroad

Actor Song Joong Ki, known for his role in the popular drama, Descendants of the Sun, is reported to have been victimised in the leakage of his personal information. 

On May 30th, a Chinese source initially reported that Song Joong Ki’s personal information had been leaked online after someone captured a photo of his passport.

According to reports, the said passport photos were uploaded to various social networking sites. Fans immediately expressed their concern towards the leakage and was deleted at the request of his fans. As the photo exposes his personal information, the identity and information of the actor might be potentially exploited.

Furthermore, it was revealed that searching for the tags “Song Joong Ki passports” in online boards in China still disclose these details.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki’s agency acknowledged the fact that there was a leak and is working into the removal of the photo online. They also stated that they will continue to watch the trends and results of these searches.

Song Joong Ki remains busy with his ongoing tour across Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Source: Dispatch