Song Joong Ki’s Past “Ideal Type” Resurfaces Amid News Of His Marriage

An older interview with the actor is making news.

Song Joong Ki‘s ideal type resurfaces amid his marriage announcement.

On January 30, the actor shocked the world when he posted a stunning letter to his fansite announcing he had registered his marriage to long-time girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and that the couple was expecting their first child together.

Hello. This is Song Joong Ki.

I am greeting you today because I want to share a promise I made that is more valuable to me than anything else.

I have promised to continue my life together with Katy Louise Saunders, who has been by my side supporting me and someone I have spent valuable time with as we cherished each other.

She has a kind heart and she has lived her life full of passion. She is an amazing person, so amazing to the point that I admire her.

Thanks to her, I am becoming a better person today.

Naturally, we dreamed of creating a happy family together. We have put in a lot of effort to hold each other’s promises to truth, and we are sincerely thankful as a new life has entered our lives.

Today, based on our deep trust and love for each other, we are returning from registering our marriage to begin life as a married couple together.

The two of us will continue our days beautifully while heading towards the same direction.

I sincerely thank all my fans who always cherish me no matter what.

Following the wishes and support of Ki Aile, who have provided the greatest strength to me throughout my acting career, I will work to go even higher as an actor and as a person with greater responsibility and passion.

I hope you all will be happy and healthy until the day I can greet you in person.

— Song Joong Ki

Amid the following fanfare, a 2010 interview with MBC in which Song Joong Ki revealed his ideal type resurfaced.

Song Joong Ki | Sports Khan

In the interview, Song Joong Ki revealed that his ideal type was someone who resembled Miranda Kerr.

It’s Miranda Kerr. She’s sexy and the best.

— Song Joong Ki

As the interview resurfaced, netizens are reportedly saying that Song Joong Ki has married his ideal type, with many stating that Song Joong Ki’s wife resembled the international model.

Miranda Kerr | Patch
Katy Louise Saunders | IMDB

What are your thoughts? Do you see a resemblance?

Source: starnews and sports khan
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