Song Joong Ki Updates Fans On His Whereabouts For The First Time In Awhile – Korean Netizens React

As handsome as ever!

Song Joong Ki greeted fans for the first time in a long while. In a New Year’s greeting video, the actor wished fans the best of luck and teased plans for a fan meeting.

As it is the first that the public was hearing from him in awhile, naturally reaction was heated.

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The actor’s divorce with actress Song Hye Kyo was finalized in 2019, and between 2017 to then, he did not appear on television through dramas or movies.

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While some fans claimed his age was showing…

  • “So he’s an 85-er.”
  • “I guess he suffered a lot emotionally…”
  • “no but kkk do you guys not age… what’s with the judgement on his looks; does it cost you to write a positive comment?”
  • “seems like the quality is just bad?”
  • “I don’t know about ageing but he lost lots of weight”
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… other netizens defended him.

  • “To maintain this much at 37 is already impressive”
  • “What’s with you guys who judge him based off screenshots. He’s as handsome as ever.”
  • “It’s obvious that he aged”
  • “He’s handsome…if he’s like this at 37, isn’t he f*cking babyfaced and handsome?”
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One thing’s for sure – Song Joong Ki looks handsome as ever! Fans can rejoice as he’s slated for a movie and a drama in 2021. He will be in Space Sweepers, a space opera film, and Vincenzo, a crime-busting drama.

Source: theqoo