From Standee To Reality: Flight Attendant Snaps A Photo With Actor Song Kang And Dishes On His Gentlemanly Behavior


Have you ever wondered what it’s like meeting your favorite celebrity in real life? For people like Nicolle Groves, an Etihad Airways flight attendant, this is a reality!

Nicolle Groves | @nicgroves/Instagram

She met none other than Song Kang, an actor known for starring in K-Dramas such as Sweet Home (2020), Nevertheless (2021), and Forecasting Love and Weather (2022).

Song Kang | @songkang_b/Instagram

It was an encounter that seemed to come straight out of a K-Drama. Last February, Nicolle visited Seoul for work and took a photo with a cardboard cutout of Song Kang, his standee for Cheong Kwan Jang Korean red ginseng.

Found Song Kang 😍

— Nicolle Groves

| @nicgroves/Instagram

Several weeks later, she met him on one of her flights! He readily accepted when she asked if they could take a photo together.

Showed my passenger this photo and asked if we could take a real one, and he said yes.

— Nicolle Groves

In a Facebook comment, she expounded on her interaction with him. She mentioned that Song Kang asked for her consent before putting his hand on her shoulder for the photo. Nicolle gushed over how he was “such a gentleman” in real life.

He also asked for my permission if it’s okay to touch my shoulder, and I said, ‘Yes, please, go ahead’ 😂 He’s such a gentleman! 🤍

— Nicolle Groves

| @ellocinrg/Twitter

She’s a successful fan!

| @ellocinrg/Twitter 
| @ellocinrg/Twitter
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