Song Kang Shows Off His Hidden Talent In New “Nevertheless” Behind-The-Scenes Footage

He’s a man of many talents!

The hit K-Drama Nevertheless has officially come to an end, but thankfully there’s still behind-the-scenes footage to fill the Jae-Bi sized hole in our hearts!

| JTBC Drama/YouTube

JTBC Drama uploaded new footage from the set of Nevertheless to their YouTube channel. In this footage, Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee), Park Jae Eon (Song Kang), and Hwang Jin Su (Seo Bum June) recreated Na Bi’s sculpture after it shattered when a fan fell on it.


There were plenty of shots of Han So Hee looking extremely emotional while filming Na Bi’s reaction to her sculpture being destroyed.

Song Kang perfectly depicted Jae Eon’s reaction to Na Bi being so heartbroken, too.

Although emotions ran high in the scene they were filming, the cast and crew shared lots of laughs in between takes.

One of the main sources of laughter was Song Kang’s hidden talent. He proved he’s a total pro at staring contests!

First, he challenged Seo Bum June.

He easily won, and Han So Hee joked that he was using “fake eyes.” 

Then, Song Kang went up against Han So Hee in another staring contest.

After a few seconds, Han So Hee gave up and Song Kang won again!

Clearly, Song Kang is a man of many talents!

See the full behind-the-scenes clip below.